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Free Timer Pro Training for Clients

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Free Weekly Web-based Training

Tuesday   Use of Time and Motion Studies and Video Time Study | 60 minutes | 10am EST
Wednesday   Process Analysis, Lean Operations and Line Balancing | 60 minutes | 10am EST
Thursday     Digital Standard Work and  Timer Pro Web Services | 50 minutes | 11am EST
Thursday     Automation, Robotics and Man-Machine Process Modeling | 50 minutes | 1pm EST 

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Please register for the training sessions 
in the order of

The material for Wednesday builds from Tuesday’s session. You might also consider waiting for the following week to take the Wednesday session to practice the material covered on Tuesday. The Thursday Sessions are independent of the other classes.

The only requirement to join the session is a high-speed Internet connection and the ability to join Zoom Meeting.


    Please register for the training sessions in the order of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    Use of Time and Motion Studies and Video Time Study

    Process Analysis, Lean Operations and Line Balancing

    Session 1 : Digital Standard Work and Timer Pro Web Services

    Session 2 : Automation, Robotics and Man-Machine Process Modeling

    • Time study creation
    • Data Collection
    • Fine Video Adjustments
    • Rapidly recording long cycles
    • Comparison of two operators
    • Ergonomic features
    • Generate best practices
    • Handling multiple operators
    • Report generation
    • Time Previews
    • Creating a line balance
    • Takt Time
    • Yamazumi Charts
    • Ergonomics
    • Savings and What Ifs
    • Kaizen, Lean, 5S, SMED
    • Value Added Analysis
    • Groupings for Longer Cycles
    • Customized Standard Work
    • Automatic digitization of standard work
    • Add your own audio
    • Add Hyperlinks
    • Add additional Content via Storyboards
    • Display on any device
    • Integrate into ERP etc
    • Secure Distribution
    • Rapid Model Creation
    • Linking Activities
    • Simulation and What Ifs
    • Animations
    • Results and ROI
    • Reports
    • Sample Models
    • Secure Web Distribution

    Seats are limited and passwords may not be shared. Please register each individual that will attend the Training session. You may also register by phone by calling us at (303) 220-0130

    Live training sessions are for clients or potential clients who have already requested and received the full evaluation copy of our measurement products,

    Each session covers one of the main areas of the Timer Pro Professional package.