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Free Timer Pro Training for Clients

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Free Weekly Web-based Training

It is highly recommended to take the sessions in order – Wednesday before Thursday as material builds. You might also consider waiting for the following week to take the Thursday session to practice the Wednesday material.

Two Free Timer Pro training sessions are offered Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 10 am EST ( 3 pm GMT). The sessions last approximately 1 hour including time for questions and answers.

The only requirement to join the session  is a  high speed Internet connection to join using GOTOMeeting.


Use of Time and Motion Studies and Video Time Study

Process Analysis, Lean Operations and Line Balancing

what you need to know

Seats are limited and passwords may not be shared. Please register each individual that will attend the Training session. You may also register by phone by calling us at (303) 220-0130

Live training sessions are for clients or potential clients who have already requested and received the full evaluation copy of our measurement products,

Each session covers one of the main areas of the Timer Pro Professional package.

wednesday topics

  • Data collection using the Timer Pro Video
  • Included in the video discussion
  • Some common settings
  • Time study creation
  • Use of Kaizen, Lean Analysis and Ergonomic features
  • Illustrate features available from the video ribbon tabs
  • Graphing collected data
  • Using graphs to generate best practices
  • Using a video with multiple operators
  • Report generation (including creating custom reports)

Thursday Topics

  • Use of Timer Pro Tool Box
  • Bar Chart creation for Line Balancing
  • Bar Chart formatting
  • Standard data libraries included
  • Creating Custom Standard data libraries
  • Intro to Quick Time Database
  • Determining Sample Size
  • Work Instructions
  • Input from manually created Excel sheets
  • Interfacing video and graphics
  • Ergonomics