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Timer Pro - The Ultimate Continuous Improvement Toolset

Timer Pro is the complete video-based measurement solution for those involved in Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, Industrial, Manufacturing and Process Engineering, Ergonomics, Operator Training, Six Sigma, Kaizen, SMED and 5S initiatives.

Timer Pro offers a single integrated solution to measure, identify and eliminate process waste to improve operation efficiency, reduce costs and document processes. Whether used with manual, automated or robotic processes, the highly visual Timer Pro interface increases the productivity of both content creators and their operations.

Timer Pro uses Excel for its extensive range of classic process improvement reports for easy distribution to plant staff and management – the content consumers. Video content is linked to the Excel reports which can be played back directly from Excel without requiring  a Timer Pro license.

Examples Where Timer Pro Professional Can Be Used

Over 1600 companies worldwide use Timer Pro in their Industrial, Manufacturing and Process Engineering, Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma initiatives. Timer Pro’s largest market segment is automotive followed by medical devices, engineered products, consumer products and electronics.

See All that Timer Pro Offers

The overview flowchart below presents Timer Pro’s features and structure. The menu options on the left allow you to explore more detail of specific capabilities that may be of interest. The Free Demo download on the right will let you experience the quality of Timer Pro first hand.

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Timer Pro Web Services Add-on

Timer Pro Web Services™ is a completely new internet-based subscription service that  allows you to securely distribute your video work instructions, operator training and customer support video content to your internal and external end users. 

Timer Pro Storyboards allow you to easily create video work instructions, operator training and customer support video content directly from Excel. No video editing experience required. Content can then be securely distributed to internal and external users worldwide via the new Timer Pro Web Services™ – with all your data housed safely behind your corporate firewall.

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Google Unwanted Software Policy Compliance Statement

We hereby attest that the software application offered here is developed, owned and distributed by us for the purposes of process measurement to support  your continuous improvement initiatives; will not affect the performance of your system hardware or change any system  settings; is easily completely removable from your system; does not collect or transmit any private information in any form;  is not bundled with any other software; is free of malware.